the contents of my knitting basket

16 May 2008

I need to put my foot down. I must be firm. I have to take a stand, stop the buck here.

I’ve got too many things on the needles!

A (partial) summary:

I’m making a blanket for my Grannymo. She is turning 90 years old at the end of June. This is pretty much my top priority at the moment, and has the benefit of being portable, relatively mindless, and fun. The downside is that I am about 7% finished.

I always have a plain sock going in my tote bag. This is Claudia Handpainted yarn, and I love the way it knits up, but the dye comes off on my hands a bit when I knit it.

This is the first of the Birch Leaf Socks (by Nancy Bush, in A Gathering of Lace). I’m knitting them in Classic Elite Alpaca Sox. I love this pattern; so delicate, but easy to memorize. The yarn is very nice, but it does split, so I can’t knit this while watching, say, Battlestar Galactica. Perhaps that’s why it’s been out of circulation for awhile…

Highland Schottische Kilt Hose (Folk Socks by Nancy Bush): fun to knit, but is the leg long enough yet? I keep trying them on after every repeat, and they do not seem to be longer. I can’t wait to turn the heel.

I can’t wait to carry this bag (the Celtic Tote from Winter IK), but I seem stalled out on it just the same, probably because I can’t decide whether to frog the cabled handle and replace it with twisted i-cord (I always procrastinate frogging on principle). Of course, now I have to finish it, so I can use my US 9 needles for this:

I have some Valley Yarns superwash (probably about one ball less than I’ll need, but who’s counting?) and I can’t wait to cast on.


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  1. Nice blog! You’re off to a good start. Your fans will look forward to more great posts! How about some interviews with household loved ones?

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