Saint Drogo, intercede for us

27 May 2008

Did you know about St. Drogo, the patron saint of sheep? He worked as a shepherd in his native France, and is also the patron of coffee-house owners and insanity, two things that are (arguably) also associated with knitting. St. George is also associated with sheep, but he has so many other duties, what with the dragon and the entire country of England (among many others), that I wouldn’t want to bother him with my gauge issues.

Speaking of gauge (what a segue!), I didn’t do any work on the Must-Have Cardigan today, because yesterday I blocked the back. The Cascade 220 grew significantly once it hit the suds; I was worried that it would be too small, but it easily stretched far more than it needed to, and I feared that I would have to reknit the whole thing.

No worries, though; once dry, it agreeably assumed the perfect dimensions that I had aimed for. Tonight, I’m going to start on the fronts, knitting them at the same time

I did promise a blanket update. No pictures yet, since the heap of squares isn’t very interesting to look at, but I’m about 30% finished.

And St. Drogo: thank you so much for saving my cardigan. I will burn a candle, or perhaps drink some coffee, in your honor.


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