2 June 2008

Tonight’s dinner: Short Pasta with Asparagus, Garlic, Lemon & Parsley from Forever Summer by Nigella Lawson.


Our lavender plant:

Tomorrow I’ll harvest some of the leaves and blossoms to make lavender sugar.

The must-have cardigan fronts, a bit more than halfway to the armscyes:

I’m making slow progress on these, since it’s been a bit too warm to knit wool except early in the mornings. I like knitting both at once, and as you see, I’ve pinned them together. This helps most in the early stages of setting the pattern; now I suppose I could separate them again.

Blanket update: 25% complete!

This project has been slow going, mostly because I am weaving in the ends as I go. Each square produces a minimum of  10 ends (more if I have to switch skeins mid-stripe), meaning that if I waited until the end to weave them in, I would have 480 to do at once! Much better for my sanity to do them as I go, but it does prolong the process.

Now that I have a few more squares to play with, I’ve been toying with different configurations. I can see three obvious possibilities:

Arrangement #1: On Point

Pros: I like how the squares look like flowers opening up; I wouldn’t have to knit as many squares (!!)

Cons: I would have to knit some sort of setting triangles before I could add a border.

Arrangement #2: Plain and Simple

Pros: Very easy to seam and border.

Cons: I’m not sure I like the look; it’s sort of dull.

Arrangement #3: Window Boxes (or, The Original Plan)

Pros: I love the look; this way really plays up the tonal variations and looks much more dimensional.

Cons: I don’t have enough of the lighter blue color to make a border, so I’d have to either buy more or use another color (which I don’t think would look as good).

Readers, if you’re out there, let me know your opinion; what do you think I should do?

I’ll leave you with a gratuitous dog photo. He’s such a good model!



  1. It’s about time that lavender gets some use! Let’s see some hustle before it grows so large and overtakes the yard!

  2. Hi, Lara:

    Love the log cabin blocks. Of your three layouts, I really like the one that is set on point. What if you didn’t make setting triangles, but had a zigzaggy edge? And just did a crochet pale blue border around the whole thing? That would make the edges pop!

    I found your blog through the wordpress tag surfer. Nice work!

    Cheers, Michele (come see my log cabin baby blanket; it’s fun to see how different they can be)

  3. Dear Lara,

    I really like arrangement #1. The diamond pattern creates a 3-dimensional effect that seems more interesting than the grid patterns. Also, the diagonals make for a dynamic composition.

  4. […] The Must-Have Cardi. I am ashamed that this sweater has languished so long. Also, I’d love to wear it a few times before spring! […]

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