A square meal

10 June 2008

I appreciate the comments on the layout of the log cabin blanket! As you can see (sort of) from the above, I’ve decided to go with the first option, setting the blocks on point. I was persuaded by:

1. My father, who is good at these design decisions because he’s an ART PROFESSOR! 🙂

2. The fact that this system would allow me to knit 32 blocks instead of 48 (honestly, this was pretty much the deciding factor).

I’ve enjoyed knitting the blocks, but I’m ready to move on now. The setting triangles will be really fun to do; I’m going to seam the blocks together and pick up around the edges for the triangles (I’ll show a picture when I get to that exciting milestone). Then there’ll be a mitered border, a loooong bind-off, and a Priority Mail box addressed to my Grannymo. I’d love to deliver it in person, but circumstances may not permit. We’ll see.

As for the must-have cardigan, I’ve begun the sleeves. After blocking the fronts, I seamed the shoulders. Shoulder seams have always frustrated me; I can’t seem (ha!) to sew them evenly, and they’re pretty public. For this sweater, I decided to try crocheting them together. It came out perfectly! I wouldn’t use the crochet method for side seams (those always lie pretty evenly anyway) because it’s a bit bulky, but it is nice and sturdy and even, which is perfect for a high-stress point like a shoulder.

Hopefully my next post will contain pictures of a finished must-have cardigan!


One comment

  1. I can’t wait to see the finished product! I can imagine picking up and knitting the setting triangles (mitered) but can’t see how it would be continuous for a long bind off? I see them as individual triangles. But that’s what makes it fun: lots of different imaginations trying to figure out how to make it work. You make me want to make another log cabin square blanket…

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