happy yarn-day to me

3 July 2008

My wonderful husband gave me the following for my birthday:

1. Louet Gems fingering merino, destined to become these, or possibly these, or yet these…so many choices!

2. The delightful Teosinte Socks pattern. I’ve already cast on, using this yarn:

Claudia Handpainted Fingering; it’s a bit greener in person, and the slight variation in tones complements the organic stitch pattern perfectly. I love them already, and I haven’t even reached the first heel.

3. The piece de resistance (how does one make accent markings in this text editor?): two skeins of Schaefer Heather in Wild Iris. Be still my heart. I can’t decide between the siren call of Clapotis or the more elaborate appeal of some Entrelac Socks

I should also note that my fabulous in-laws sent me a gift certificate to The Loopy Ewe. They are wonderful people. My mother-in-law is quite a knitter herself, and my father-in-law doesn’t knit, but he is a sweet wonderful man and he once cleaned my oven. I love them both.

I’ll be posting sporadically right now (had anyone noticed?) because Casa Larakarma is in the process of moving, but things should settle down soon. If you’ve asked about the tank pattern, I’d love to say that I’m working on it, but that would be a scurrilous lie! I hope to have it finished in a few weeks, or to at least figure out which box I’ve packed it in. Thanks for your kind words about the finished project; I’m excited to show you all the beta version soon.

Happy knitting!



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