Finished: Pirate Socks

4 July 2008

See the details on Ravelry. I’m glad to be finished with these; I liked them, but the dye came off on my hands while I knit.

On a different note, I wanted to make a list of some of my favorite things about America (big and small, in no particular order):

1. National Public Radio (and PBS as well): free news, music, and general great programming available to everyone!

2. the Smithsonian museums and research centers: the best of American art and culture, also free to the public.

3. the National Parks Service: dedicated to preserving the natural and historical beauty of America. Almost 25% of American land is federally protected.

4. Midwesterners: we are generally friendly, helpful people. 🙂

5. 24-hour stores. If I need a new hairbrush or a chocolate bar at 4 a.m., by golly, I can go and get it!

6. Universities, public and private. Students come to America from all over the world to study here.

7. StoryCorps. Go to the website and listen…this project is amazing.

8. Comics! In books or in newspaper strips, they began right here in the U.S.

9. Thanksgiving. My very favorite holiday is a uniquely American one: it’s about gratitude, family, and the best meal you’ll eat all year.

10. Moving! Americans move, on average, every five years. Where are we going, and why? Who knows, but I love the idea (romantic and non-factual as it may be) that we are descended from people who came here from elsewhere, and that we are still looking for adventure, something new, a different place to call home.

Happy 4th, everybody.


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