12 July 2008

We’ve been in the new place for about five days, and I’m starting to feel like I’ve gotten a new job on a home-improvement reality show. Either that, or a much more boring show in which the characters spend all their time looking for various essential household items (cell-phone charger, watch, keys, etc, etc).

But enough about that! Here’s some yarn:

A thousand yards of merino-linen blend, scored in the Webs sale. And:

The first shipment of the Seasons Yarn Club. No photo does this one justice. The color is called “Arabian Nights” and rightly so; it’s smoky, mysterious, and beautiful. Right now I’m just looking at it.

No knitting lately (for a few days there weren’t any chairs, which I find to be necessary for knitting), but I’ll try to get a picture of the Teosinte Socks in progress soon.

Meanwhile, the list of things to do with the rest of the afternoon, in no particular order:

1. Put together basement shelf

2. Find small but essential parts to bedroom lamp (this one may be impossible)

3. Go to the hardware store (this is a daily event)

4. Obtain propane tank (we must start eating real food again)

Wish me luck!


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