Lavender’s blue

14 July 2008

We’re doing some painting in the new house, and today we started on the upstairs bathroom. It was blue. Not pale blue, not medium blue, but dark, almost navy, BLUE. Currently we have attempted to cover it with two coats of good-quality primer, but it is pernicious. While working in there today, I fantasized about going back in time to talk to the previous owners about their color choice:

Me: Wow, that looks really dark! Are you sure you want to use it on a small room like the bathroom?

Them: Sure! It matches the little details in the tile work. It will be great.

Me: But it doesn’t match exactly…and that color looks nice in the small quantity of tile, but don’t you think it will be oppressive when it is all over the place?

Them: Nah, what’s the difference? Also, we’re getting the super high-gloss finish!

Me: (weeps in despair)

Next up for a return to normalcy: my study, which is chocolate brown.

Meanwhile, here’s a sample of something I was doing back before I went mad began this moving odyssey:

Lavender sugar! Here’s how to make your own:

1. Gather your materials: a suitable jar, some sugar, and some lavender

2. Put the sugar in the jar with the lavender

3. Close the lid and wait a few days

Comically simple, but lovely results. When your sugar is sweetly fragranced, you can use it in a variety of ways:

1. Mix with olive oil for a homemade sugar scrub

2. Use in lavender-flavored cupcakes or other baking

3. Add to a savory sauce or glaze for meat (particularly roast chicken)

I used our homegrown organic lavender, so I didn’t bother to wash the leaves or flowers. If you want to wash them, just make sure that everything is completely dry before adding the sugar! The natural oils in the lavender make the sugar clump up a bit, and any extra moisture could turn your sugar into a hard, calcified lump (ask me how I know).

Of course you can scent sugar or salt with any herb in this way; I found the inspiration in How to Be a Domestic Goddess by Nigella Lawson, one of my favorite cooking books.

I’ve finally located that essential tool of bloggery: my digital camera. So, expect more knitting content next time!


One comment

  1. oh, wonderful idea with the lavender sugar! I am obsessed with lavender, and bet that will be fabulous.

    I want to be a domestic goddess, maybe I should buy nigella’s book.

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