splish, spash, I was takin’ a bath…

26 July 2008

Pattern: Absorba, the Great Bathmat (from Mason-Dixon Knitting, by Kay Gardiner & Ann Shayne)

Yarn: Peaches’n’Creme Double Worsted, held triple (eggshell, baby blue, and Williamsburg blue)

Needles: US 15 Addi turbo 32″ circular

Gauge: to enormous to contemplate…besides, who cares? It’s a rug.

(more details on ravelry)

I don’t know that I enjoyed the knitting itself (it was sort of exhausting), but it certainly went by quickly, and I love the result. Squishy, absorbent, easy care…and it covers some of the hideous bathroom vinyl. There’s still a good bit of yarn remaining; can matching towels and warshrags be far behind?

In other news, I finished all of the log cabin squares for Grannymo’s afghan:

There are thirty-two of them, for anyone who’s counting, which means that I wove in 320 ends, plus more for if I ran out of yarn mid-stripe. Whew.

Actually, I completed the squares last week, so this status photo is pretty old. I’ve crocheted them together and knit six of the fourteen setting triangles I’ll need. I’m hoping to finish by Tuesday or Wednesday, but that is probably impossible. We’ll see!



  1. That’s a happy looking pile of log cabin squares! I’m looking forward to seeing the whole thing put together. You have me wanting to make another one!

  2. Wow! Love the colors in both projects.

    Lucky granny!

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