how to build a better photo

2 August 2008

I’ve got a lovely digital camera (thanks, Dad!), but since I haven’t taken the trouble to learn to use it properly, my photographs are mediocre at best and often downright terrible. Now that I have this blog, I’d really like to improve my photography skills. Luckily, I have Ravelry; more specifically, the Photography Assignment series on the Yarnographers board. Their series of seven “assignments” is designed to help people like me take better pictures. Perfect!

So, here’s a “before” shot of my closet:Just as a disclaimer: I didn’t alter this photo in any way (I didn’t even crop it). What I like: the color is pretty accurate. What I really hate: it’s extremely blurry, like all of my photos.

After I’ve done the assignments, I’ll take the same photo again, and see if I’ve made any progress!

Also, thanks so much for the comments on the bathmat and blanket! They really made me happy. I’m going to deliver the blanket when I go see my Grannymo this week, and I’ll certainly take a photo of the blanket with its lovely recipient!


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