bad blog backlog

24 August 2008

It’s quite a dilemma; when doing interesting things, one rarely wants to stop to blog about them, but these are exactly the kinds of things that might be good material for the blog! So, a quick update:

1. I finished the Teosinte socks.

(the raveled notes)

(Yes, that blinding white bit in the lower right corner is indeed my leg. That is about as tan as I get.) I loved this pattern because it came in three sizes and had very nice instructions for short-row heels and toes, and because my husband gave it to me for my birthday. Very nice!

2. I finished the Mi Yuk Guk (Korean Birthday Soup) socks.

(raveled version)

This is really my favorite use for Noro yarn of any kind, and who doesn’t love a striped sock? This jogless stripe technique was really fun to learn. Best of all for my frugal heart, I get double the milage out of my costly Kureyon; there’s plenty left in both skeins for another pair. I hope my stepmother likes them, although I do realize the impracticality of wool socks in August…

3. The Professor and I went to the Indiana state fair! We bought maple sugar candy, we saw lots of lovely needlework of all kinds (sadly unphotographed; I was too busy enjoying), and we saw many wonderful examples of horticulture:

The professor enjoyed the lumberjack show:

which included axe throwing, tree climbing, and my favorite part, a log roll:

There were many animals of every shape and size:

This sheep got to wear a special jacket that says “2007 Ohio State Fair Champion.” Just like the Olympic athletes, only in sheep form:

My only regret? We didn’t eat any funnel cake. 

4. Yesterday, I went to Stitches Midwest. More on that tomorrow…


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