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fall on me

9 September 2008

The other day, while I was out for my run, I took a breath and smelled it: autumn! Seems like it’s early this year (or maybe I’m just behind), but for me, this season means back to school (or work) and a new beginning. I’m thinking about what I want to knit this year! Here are my goals so far:

1. I’ve simply got to finish the Must-Have Cardigan. This is getting ridiculous. 

2. I want to make my father a striped vest, like this one at brooklyntweed.

3. I’d love to do something with steeks.

4. This goal might be the most important: I’ve got to work on knitting up some of my stash. There’s great yarn in there, and I have big plans for all of it. So, I’m going on a semi-yarn diet until after the new year (gasp)! Don’t worry, I’ll still have plenty to keep me busy in the meantime. I still have a final stash-enhancement post to make from a few weeks ago (ahem). 

Meanwhile, here’s a peek at the latest goings-on around here:

See goal #3. What could it be?