Life in the doghouse; or, Random Wednesday in three acts

1 October 2008

When my father and stepmother came to visit a few weeks ago, we built this doghouse together (or, more accurately, my dad designed and built it, and the rest of us helped wherever possible). The professor and I put the shingles on the following weekend. Now, all it needs are a few coats of paint.

A few things I learned from this project:

  1. Measure twice, or maybe three times, probably only cut one time. 🙂
  2. When doing a project like this, make sure you have the proper tools; the job will be much more difficult and time-consuming without them.
  3. Avoid working with tar or glue if possible. Especially avoid glue with tar in it. This is impossible to remove from clothing, and very difficult to remove from skin.
  4. If you want the dog to learn that the doghouse is a nice place, you should put some treats in there.

The professor ran his first 5K race that same weekend! I’m really proud of him. This picture shows him a little while post-race; he’s still got his number pinned on and everything.

A tiny sneak preview of the completed Ivy League Vest, my secret knitting from the last post. A full reveal tomorrow!


One comment

  1. Wow, I sure look like a runner! Come on, knitters, let’s see some compliments.

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