christmas knitting: a reality check

14 December 2008

Oh dear, another pictureless post. This time, however, I have an excellent excuse: I can’t broadcast photos of my Christmas knitting before the gifts are given!

This year, I’ve finally seen reason (somewhat). The amount of knitting to be done is much smaller than in years past, and there is more time to do it in. Without further ado, let’s assess:

1. One fair-isle vest (prognosis: good. It is about 30% complete already).
2. One pair of socks (prognosis: possible. They are men’s socks, but I am already nearly done with the first leg. The Achilles heel of this project is the dearth of yarn; I’m waiting for the delivery man to come so I can really crank on these).
3. Another pair of socks (prognosis: excellent. Worsted-weight yarn makes super-fast socks. One is already complete, but I do have to rip out the toe and add a smidgen more length).
4. Dishrag-stravaganza. (prognosis: excellent! What’s not to love about a useful knit that you can crank out in an hour and dole out to everyone you know?)

That’s all! Can you believe it? No afghans or ginormous sweaters or anything! And to top it all off, I have several multiple-hour travel periods in which to knit even more.

But wait: what the @$#% is this???





  1. Ummmm, can you use worsted weight yarn instead of thread on that? 😉

  2. Finally! A new post! Hurrah!!

  3. aha! I am also having a dishrag-stravaganza!!

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