varsity edition

20 January 2009


Finished: Ivy League Vest, take two (version 1.0 is here)

(ravel it)

Yarn: KnitPicks Palette in cream and 5 heathers: marine, tidepool, calypso, brindle, and camel

Needles: Addi turbo US 4 16″ circular

Modifications: I raised the neckline to the level of the armholes. This required a bit of fiddling with the back-of-neck decreases as well, to end up with the same number of shoulder stitches on the front and back. 


I like the new silhouette so much that I’ve got to make one for myself! Of course, it helps to have such a lovely model (my stepmother, who was very gracious about the tardiness of her New Year’s gift) and wonderful photographer (my father).

Update on the camera cord: found, just before I got so frustrated that I simply replaced it. It was, of course, exactly where I left it.

Stay tuned for the ol’ clickety-clack tomorrow.


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  1. This looks great!

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