23 January 2009

So I was playing around looking for something in my yarn stash yesterday, and I had a neat idea: what about knitting one sweater every month in 2009? 

Stay with me. I promise it’s not as crazy as it sounds. I have, in my stash at this moment, sufficient yarn to complete this project, provided I can find 3 more skeins of this.dscn1247(impractical yarn I bought for a baby sweater, then realized I couldn’t give away)

At first, being the obsessive-compulsive maniac that I am, I began to make a list of all the sweaters and which months I would make them in. Then I realized that this would suck all the fun out the project, so I decided that I would make a list of twelve sweaters and choose as I went along, based on whatever seemed most appealing at the time.

Since I’m kind of late with this brainwave, I decided to call the Must-Have Cardigan my January sweater (it’s almost done, I swear!)

Anyone interested in joining me? I’m off to start a Ravelry group for this project (assuming there aren’t already several of them).



  1. hi, there is, its called NaKniSweMoDo (random I know) – check it out on Ravelry!

    • Thanks! I checked out the group, but I think I’m going to chicken out of joining. I want to knit a few sweater-vests as part of my almanac project, and I don’t want to break the group rules by doing so. 🙂

  2. How about socks for me each month! 🙂

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