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24 January 2009


Seen above: the sleeves of the Must-Have Cardigan, as of Wednesday morning

Seen below: same sleeves, as of this morning (I know they look like they’re a different color; the lower photo is the more accurate):


I’m not sure why these are taking so long, but progress is happening, so I’m doggedly cranking away. I’m hoping to observe the following schedule:

Sunday: finish sleeves and block them overnight

Monday: realize sleeves are still drying and knit buttonband in the meantime

Tuesday: set in sleeves and sew side seams

Wednesday: realize ten minutes before leaving for knit night that I have neglected to sew on the buttons; do it in a frenzy; wear the cardigan triumphantly out

More on the almanac project: I’ve already started thinking about my February sweater, of course. I think I’ve got it narrowed down to three possibilities:

1. The Autumn Rose Pullover (ravelry)

I’ve got all the yarn (or at least I will when my Knitpicks order arrives), and I’ve been wanting to make one of these for ages. I do think it’ll take a bit of swatching to work out the color substitutions, though, and I’ve already been through two swatches on this one. It might be too involved to tackle in one short month (especially the shortest month of the year!)

2. Veste Everest (ravelry)

I have some lovely dark red heathered Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride that I could use for this (it’s “Prairie Fire” on the colorcard I linked to); more than enough, actually. Possibly so much that I should save it for another project, although that seems rather foolish. It’s awfully appealing to knit something in red during February, too, and I think I’d wear it very often. Also, no sleeves = good.

3. Another Ivy League Vest (Here’s the first one I made, the varsity edition, and the Ravelry pattern page)

I know. I can’t believe I’d knit this again either, but I really want one with a higher neckline to wear myself. The mistake was trying on the varsity edition to check the fit before I gave it away; it was so much more flattering than my original version that I can’t stop thinking about it! I’ve got the yarn for this as well, although if I’m going to make the Autumn Rose this year, I should probably do that first, so that I can select vest colors from my Palette leftovers (see how careful I’m being to avoid buying new yarn!)

So help me out. What would you knit next?


One comment

  1. uh, if I were capable of knitting any of those things, I think I’d do the autumn rose pullover. I love it! it’s hott!

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