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4 February 2009


The above photo captures the colors of my Autumn Rose swatch pretty well. What do you think?

I honestly can’t decide. On one hand, I love it. It feels pretty close to the original colorway, and the medallion design is very clear. On the other hand, the orange in the center of the peerie band is a little too traffic-cone, and the yellows on either side of the center band of the medallion are a little too green. However, I was more than charmed enough to cast on immediately, but then I heard some interesting news:

Knitpicks is going to expand the Palette line by adding approximately 30 new colors in late summer or early fall of this year.

I’m so excited! I really like Palette; it seems durable, the colors they have are lovely, and you certainly can’t beat the price. So, I’m considering waiting to see what the new colors will be (specifically, will they be heathers? Will they include that elusive warmer light yellow and deeper orange that would make the swatch so much better? A lighter shade of pale??) I’m going to try to get more information, but I needed something to do while I was waiting.


That’s the back of Veste Everest, as of two days ago. Currently, the back is finished, but the front barely begun. Unfortunately, like most reds, it photographs dreadfully.

I’m trying to finish this quickly, if only because it’s *freezing* outside, and I’m a bit self-conscious wearing the same cardigan to work three days in a row. Look for a finished vest by Monday!



  1. I think its beautiful the way it is, but Autumn Rose is such a committment that I can see why you might want to wait and see.

  2. it looks wonderful, go with it!

  3. I totally agree – your Autumn Rose looks gorgeous from the picture. I don’t see traffic cone orange? With the effort required for it, though, totally worth waiting to see the new colors. 🙂

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