mailbag: bizzaro world edition

10 February 2009


I’m not even sure what to say about this. It came in an envelope with a bunch of other coupons for craft-related items.

It’s really special that they felt the need to specify “loving female/male relationships.” Also the line about “stimulat[ing] the imagination”; I guess that makes this emotional pornography?

Moving on.

Thanks for the comments about the Autumn Rose swatch. I’ve since heard back from a Knitpicks representative, who said that most of the new colors will be non-heathers (blast!), but there will be a few “neutral” heathers (insert ray of hope here). Since the neutrals might be just what I need, I’ll probably hold off for now.

Veste Everest update: one little armhole edging to go! I’m going to do a much more detailed “finished object” post for this one than I normally do, in part because there is a knitalong for this sweater on Ravelry right now, and also because I have a surprising amount to say about things like negative ease and seaming. If the minutiae of vest-knitting intrigues you, stay tuned!


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