new knits noted now

20 February 2009


I’d had these in my queue for awhile (they’re the Twisted Tweed Socks, from Schrodinger Knits), not realizing I had already stashed the exact yarn in the exact color called for in the pattern. Last week I wandered upstairs in a fugue state, got the yarn, printed the pattern, pulled the needles right out of a half-finished but sadly ugly sock-in-progress, and cast on. Gorgeous! I’ve never had so much fun being so derivative.


Still not sure what quite what I’m doing here. Inspired by this lovely cap, I unvented a bit. It’s nearly done (and perfect work knitting), but I’m not sure how wearable it will be. Still, since I’ve got so much of this yarn stashed away, I predict a version 2.0. I already know what I’m going to tweak!


I know, it’s unbelievable, but I’m doing it again. Ivy League Vest, I just can’t quit you! This may well be the March almanac installment if I can’t get it together and choose something with sleeves, already. I’ve got a pretty sizable dilemma; I’ll post it tomorrow.


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  1. Let’s see some new blog posts!!

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