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time marches on

20 March 2009

“Let me explain. No, there is too much. Let me sum up.”

Well, I haven’t found the six-fingered man or anything, but it’s been a pretty packed month. So many pesky real-life activities that interfere with blogging! You know me well enough, however, to know that nothing can interfere with knitting. And I certainly haven’t forgot about the almanac project.

So that brings us to March’s installment: will I have a finished sweater to show? Yes, I believe I will! Here’s the story so far:

1. I swatched some Classic Elite Skye Tweed. This yarn is Special To Me. I have 17 skeins that I scored in a Webs closeout sale; it is discontinued; it is woolly and tweedy. It is Worthy of a Great Sweater.

2. I knit a swatch on size 7 needles, washed it, and laid it to dry. The gauge measured 17 sts and 26 rows to 4 inches. The fabric was perfect; crisp enough for a jacket, but soft and draping as well.

3. This was not the correct gauge for the Sunrise Circle Jacket (rav link), which was what I was planning to make. It was not even really that close to the correct gauge.

4. I knit, washed, and dried another swatch, this time on size 8 needles. I didn’t like the fabric as well; it was too loosely knit for my taste. It also wasn’t the right gauge for the Sunrise Circle Jacket. It became clear that this yarn and this pattern were just not meant for each other.

5. Then I saw this. The gauge for this stunning pattern, incidentally? 17 sts and 26 rows to 4 inches. It even says it right there on the pattern: “This is what you’ve been saving that perfect tweed yarn for”. Indeed!

You can guess what happened next. Pictures to follow.