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OK crochet

26 April 2009


Pattern: Econo Shopper Mesh Bag by natalie058 (small size)

Hook: 5.0 mm (US H)

Yarn: Lily Sugar n’ Creme Naturals, 1 skein

Mods: shortened the handles a bit

I am not really very good at crochet, but from time to time I get the urge (kind of like my occasional and unskilled forays into the world of sewing). This bag was fun to make, and it is useful around the house. The pattern was easy for me to understand (with the help of crochet stitch instructional websites, of course), and that’s really saying something, since I am the kind of crocheter who has to look up how do a “HDC” nearly every time it is mentioned in the pattern.

And now I am going to make some pancakes. Happy Sunday morning!



17 April 2009


Pattern: Hey Teach! from Knitty, Summer 2008

Yarn: Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece in Olivette (I think that’s the color. This was well-aged stash, the ballbands lost to antiquity), 3 skeins

Needles: Addi Natura 32″ US 7 circular (body) and Clover 10″ US 7 straights (sleeves)

Cute sweater, great pattern, but sadly lacking on my part! I didn’t really have enough yarn, so there are a lot of funky spots on the inside where I wove in 2-yard scraps to eke out the last few rows of sleeve. Also, my gauge was a bit too snug; coupled with a choice of 39″ size for negative ease, that produced a sweater that is just a bit too tight for comfort. The armscyes are the worst of it, as you can see a bit in the above photo. Ah, well. They can’t all be Ardent Jackets.


Up next: May, of course! Two possibilities for consideration (and by consideration, I mean I’m going to knit a considerable bit of sweater and then consider whether I should rip it out and knit something else; always entertaining), as well as a distracting foray into the dark jungles of…crochet. Cover me; I’m going in.


ardent devotion

15 April 2009


Pattern: Ardent Jacket by Kat Coyle, from the Spring 2009 issue of Twist Collective

Yarn: Classic Elite Skye Tweed (heartbreakingly discontinued) from Webs

Needles: US 7 Addi Natura 32″ circular (back only) and US 7 Clover bamboo 10″ straights

Time to knit: 13 days (it really was finished in March, and I wore it around for about two weeks while I waited for the buttons to arrive from China)


This is my new favorite garment: the fit is perfect, the style is flattering, the neutral color goes with nearly everything, and the yarn is soft, warm and strong (I snagged it on a metal clasp the other day and though it pulled out a loop, it didn’t come close to tearing). I did make a few changes just to suit my personal needs, although Kat’s pattern is perfect as written.  I loved the double lattice pattern so much that I omitted the honeycomb lace and even did an extra repeat of the lattice on the body pieces for an empire line. Otherwise, however, I knit the pattern exactly.

If you haven’t checked out Twist Collective, you’ve got to. The designs are stunning, and the pattern I bought was extremely detailed, clear, and error-free. I’ll definitely buy more Twist patterns!

I fortunately happened upon these buttons while poking around on Etsy.


They’re handmade of wood, and they’re absolutely stunning. I got them from Ruth’s shop, and I recommend her highly. She was extremely helpful, super-fast on communication, and she even sent me some extra buttons as a present for my first Etsy purchase!


I also got this lovely Korean gingham ribbon and made a loop to hang the jacket. The color on this photo is terrible (sorry!); the ribbon is dark blue and cream-colored. I think it’s a nice detail, so I also used it to line the button band. I might line the spaces between the buttonholes as well, since I still have some ribbon left.

I can’t believe I took so long to blog this project! I’ve already finished the April almanac sweater (sadly, less successful…but you’ll see).