17 April 2009


Pattern: Hey Teach! from Knitty, Summer 2008

Yarn: Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece in Olivette (I think that’s the color. This was well-aged stash, the ballbands lost to antiquity), 3 skeins

Needles: Addi Natura 32″ US 7 circular (body) and Clover 10″ US 7 straights (sleeves)

Cute sweater, great pattern, but sadly lacking on my part! I didn’t really have enough yarn, so there are a lot of funky spots on the inside where I wove in 2-yard scraps to eke out the last few rows of sleeve. Also, my gauge was a bit too snug; coupled with a choice of 39″ size for negative ease, that produced a sweater that is just a bit too tight for comfort. The armscyes are the worst of it, as you can see a bit in the above photo. Ah, well. They can’t all be Ardent Jackets.


Up next: May, of course! Two possibilities for consideration (and by consideration, I mean I’m going to knit a considerable bit of sweater and then consider whether I should rip it out and knit something else; always entertaining), as well as a distracting foray into the dark jungles of…crochet. Cover me; I’m going in.


One comment

  1. I LOVE that. and I don’t think it looks too small…I think it looks better on you than it does on the model!!

    I need to improve my knitting skills so I can make nice things like these…

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