professor sweater

15 May 2009

When the Professor pointed out that this year I have made four sweaters for myself and zero sweaters for him…well, it was time to get to work. I had 14 skeins of Knitpicks Wool of the Andes stashed away, in a nice professorial color (camel heather), so all that was left to do was find a pattern.

I looked everywhere, but the answer was right under my nose.

Remember the Ardent Jacket? Only my favorite sweater in the world?

What’s on the page right next to it?

The article is called “K2Tog”. Clearly, it was meant to be.

DSCN1636This in-progress shot captures a critical moment in the creation of the sweater: I stood back to admire my work, only to realize seconds later that I had knit the body in the 42.5″ size and the sleeve in the 45.5″ size. Sigh. Luckily it was the sleeve that needed to be redone (and just to be crystal clear, the error was entirely mine, no fault of the pattern at all), but still. I had to rip out about 3/4 of the sleeve. Let us speak no more of it.

As I write, the sweater is virtually done. I’m hoping to show finished pictures before we leave for England; stay tuned!


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  1. […] two-at-a-time on one circular needle. I was trying to avoid a few things: first, a repeat of my mistake with the Professor’s sweater (hint for sweater knitters: most people prefer both sleeves to […]

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