sometimes it is easy being green

7 July 2009


Well, the past weekend was certainly eventful. The Professor and I are now the proud owners of this little Kermit:


This car is much smarter than I am. It has so many little computers and automatic features that I’m surprised there’s no “autopilot” function. It doesn’t even have a key! There’s just this little black box that you use to open and close the car, and when you want to start it, you just push a button that says “Pwr”. No cranking, no nothing. I hear the 2011 model will have an button that sends the car to Trader Joe’s and picks up your shopping for you. We’ll have to wait on that one.

Oh, the cardigan? Well, this was the state of affairs on June 30:


Still damp and full of pins, buttonless, but technically the knitting has been completed. I know, I know, if this were the Knitting Olympics, I would be nowhere near the podium. In this case, however (especially since I was playing with a handicap; the yarn didn’t arrive until June 11), it’s my project and I’ll cheat if I want to, cheat if I want to, cheeeeeeeeat if I want to… (you would cheat too, if it happened to you…)

Modeled shots as soon as I sew on the buttonband ribbon, and as soon as I can mentally prepare myself to slip on a wool-alpaca sweater in this heat.

And the July sweater? It’s GREEN, baby!


One comment

  1. I refuse to call the car “Kermit.”

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