finished: tangled yoke cardigan

16 July 2009


Technically finished several weeks ago, but never before seen on an actual human.

Pattern: Tangled Yoke Cardigan, by Eunny Jang, from IK Fall 2007 (see this project on my ravelry project page)

Yarn: Rowan Felted Tweed, color #165 (scree), 6 skeins exactly

Needles: Addi lace US 5 32″ circular, mystery US 5 circular with longer cable for magic-looping the sleeves, Addi US 4 short circular for buttonbands and collar, Addi natura US 1 circular for picking up neckband stitches (whew!)

Modifications: reduced stitch count on beginning of sleeves for better-fitting cuffs, and respaced sleeve increases accordingly; fudged something with the waist ribbing a bit, since the numbers in the pattern didn’t seem to work out perfectly for my size (wish I could be more detailed about what this was, but I honestly can’t remember)

General thoughts: Lovely design, and very well-written pattern overall. I find that I’m often reducing cuff sizes as a personal preference (it’s the same way on the July sweater; perhaps I just have oddly skinny wrists?), so that wasn’t a big deal, really. The worst part of knitting this was the discovery, two rows from the end of the cable chart, that I had miscrossed SEVEN cables about six rows back. I had to tink back two rows before I could drop down and painstakingly reconstruct each one; I don’t even want to think about how long this took to do. Worth it, though. The sweater came out beautifully, and I particularly like the double-thickness collar and three-needle bind-off. I might still sew a bit of ribbon onto the buttonbands to firm them up.

Here are a few extra shots of the sweater. I apologize for the dreadful state of my coiffure! When I called yesterday to make a haircut appointment, the scheduler told me that my regular stylist was “on sabbatical.” I was so flummoxed by the implications of this statement (who will cut my hair now? will he ever come back? and since when do stylists get “sabbaticals”??) that I was unable to make another appointment. I’ll have to try back today, clearly.



More Felted Tweed coming for the July sweater post (hint: it’s green), and an exhaustive (exhausting?) discussion of sleeves.



  1. I’ve sure never gotten a sabbatical.

  2. I think your hair looks cute! I might need short hair.

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