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summer of my discontent

2 August 2009

Did I finish the July sweater? Well, yes and no.


On Thursday night, I had it all seamed, ends woven in, ready for buttons…but where were the buttons? I looked everywhere and couldn’t find them. Finally I stuffed the whole thing into a bag and went off to bed in frustration.

Friday, while we drove to St. Louis (departure time: 5:15 a.m.), I knitted away on this:


What a lovely (though badly photographed) beginning of a striped pullover! Too bad that I’ll never make it to the sleeves without running out of yarn. I knit away, all the way home (return time: 11:30 p.m.), wondering where in the world I had bought the original yarn, and whether it would be remotely possible to obtain any more.

Meanwhile, this was sitting on my couch:


Yes, that is indeed the beginning of the Autumn Rose pullover, which I had waited to knit for months so that I could see the new Palette colors. I rashly cast on a few days ago, just before they released the new colors, which of course include one that might fix the overly-green cast of my medallions. The pullover is currently in purgatory while I consider whether to order a few new skeins and re-swatch.

Oh, and not pictured? That would be the Autumn Rose sleeve, which was about halfway completed until I noticed that I had used the wrong color for one of the rows just after the ribbing.

Regular blogging will resume when I find a project that is actually going well…