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28 November 2009

A peek at the new scarf (or, why my argyle is still incomplete):


that “je ne sais quoi”

22 November 2009

These are some scenes from our weekend in Montreal. The Basilica of Notre Dame (above and below):

The chapel above was behind the main sanctuary. Everything was made of elaborately carved and inlaid wood. It felt very warm, in contrast to the cool stone cathedrals we’d seen in Europe.

We saw the Olympic Stadium (with the Professor included for scale).

Our hotel was very near the modern art museum, but sadly we never got the chance to explore it.

After exploring Éffiloché (one of the best shops I’ve ever been in…Montrealers, you are lucky), we enjoyed the cafe culture.

And what did I bring back?

The obligatory but still gorgeous souvenir sock yarn, courtesy of Tanis Fiber Arts, and…

Some lovely fabric for my second quilting class (see the blue with the birds? It is Special To Me.)

It was a great trip!

One more little thing (to distract you from the lack of crafty content): have we all seen this kit? What a great way to try out Fair Isle techniques! And for $15, how can you lose?