14 March 2010

Oh hello. Remember me? That sweater you knit last July out of lovely yarn that you got in Scotland? Well, I guess things just didn’t work out. “The fit is just not there,” to put it in the words of a memorable job-rejection letter.

No, literally, the fit was not there. It was too tight here and too short there. I admit I am too vain to post a picture of myself wearing this thing. It was that bad. But how could I rip it? I had even sewn one of the buttons on! For the love of Pete!

I ripped it. The whole thing. Turned it into sevenish balls of kinky yarn. Then I reknitted it into this. I’m almost finished; just one more front side to knit. I’m a little worried about the photo shoot, though. In the grand tradition of photographing Rowan garments, I must attempt to duplicate the book picture as much as possible, yes? I guess I’ll have to look around for my curling iron.


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