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ex camera

3 May 2010

You may notice that this is that abomination unto the Blog Gods: a pictureless post. Obviously I’ve committed this particular transgression in the past, but this time I have a special dispensation. It may be that my little Nikon-ita has gone to the Big Handbag in the Sky. I still have a few more life-support measures, but it looks grim for my faithful little photography tool. RIP little camera.

Luckily, the prof owns an ancient digital camera (this thing is OLD–the little symbols on the dial appear to be actual hieroglyphics, and I think I’ve seen a photo of Darwin using the same camera) which should be able to supply the (let’s face it, pretty modest) picture demands of this blog. Or I could try to learn to take iPhone camera pictures that don’t look like stills from a covert surveillance videotape. So many choices!

Next up: how I walked out of a yarn-shop holding $80 worth of Sea Silk. Without paying for it. And why I don’t deserve to be arrested.


daisy, daisy, give me your answer, do

1 May 2010

I’m just crazy all for the love of you…


madame secretary

24 March 2010

I had the privilege of hearing Madeleine Albright speak tonight at the Prof’s university. She was brilliantly articulate, movingly eloquent, gracious, witty, and dynamic. Hearing her, I felt a strong pride in my country and a responsibility as well.

Many of her comments bear repeating, but she said one thing that really struck a chord with me, perhaps because we just covered gender discrimination in Con Law: women today have largely forgotten how much more difficult things were for women only a generation ago. And we have forgotten that we could lose all the gains that our mothers and grandmothers made.

Feminism has become an outmoded idea in American social and political life, and that is deeply unfortunate. If we women blind ourselves to the oppressive conditions of the past, we will never see the inequities that still persist, and we will be powerless to work against them. Perhaps worst of all, we will demonstrate a sad ingratitude to all the women who blazed the trails for us, so that we might walk an easier road than they did.

Back to the knitting tomorrow, folks.



21 March 2010

7:45 p.m. Cast on a citron (link later, sorry) in the Speaker’s honor.

10:48 p.m. Cheer wildly.

11:20 p.m. Post new Facebook status: “so happy. so proud.”


what’s wrong with this picture?

19 March 2010


and what do I do next?

18 March 2010

Once, when the Professor and I were in Versailles, we overheard another tourist speaking with one of the guides. She was pointing out attractions when he interrupted her to ask “And what do I do next?”

Such a funny feeling! Although admittedly I don’t feel like that when I’m in Versailles. When I’m traveling, I usually know what I do next, and it usually involves coffee or chocolate or postcards.

However, I do sometimes have that feeling with my knitting. I just finished a cardigan (good pictures soon I really promise), and nothing is quite capturing my attention, least of all any of my various WIPs. What’s a knitter to do?

I think I feel a blanket coming on.


as fast as you can

11 March 2010

As fast as you can run, that is. Which in my case, isn’t actually all that fast.

Every fall, I have the same thought: “Now don’t eat a lot and not run all winter, or you’ll regret it in the spring when you start running again.”

And every winter, I eat a lot and stop running.

And every spring, I start running again. So that’s where I am now, sigh.

OK, I promise actual knitting content tomorrow. I have decided to frog an entire finished sweater, so you won’t want to miss that action.