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an open letter to my dog

8 April 2010

Whyfore have you decided, at the ripe old age of 6, to start stealing stuff and eating it when you ain’t never done that before?

And seriously? Who eats a box of dryer sheets?? What about that seemed appetizing to you? You didn’t eat the sheets, just the box. Scented cardboard is now your idea of a delicacy? The garlic bread I could understand. But why unwrap my candy thermometer? Do you have a secret taffy-making plan of which I am unaware? And chewing up the Prof’s basketball tickets was just mean.

Straighten up and fly right, or you may find that you are an outdoor-only dog. I’m not foolin’. Don’t test me.


run lara run

27 July 2008

Thanks for the comments on the afghan! I am excited to be close to the finish line on this project. Speaking of finish lines, the Professor and I decided to run a local 5K race that will be held in October. So, I started a new running plan, and I’ve just finished the first week! I’m really enjoying myself so far. The Prof is amazing; he ran about 4 miles yesterday.

Since the new house doesn’t have carpeting, we bought our dog a new bed. It has a removable, washable cover (which I like) and a cushy, comfy mattress inside (which the dog likes, as you can see):

It also has his name monogrammed on it. Awww…



2 June 2008

Tonight’s dinner: Short Pasta with Asparagus, Garlic, Lemon & Parsley from Forever Summer by Nigella Lawson.


Our lavender plant:

Tomorrow I’ll harvest some of the leaves and blossoms to make lavender sugar.

The must-have cardigan fronts, a bit more than halfway to the armscyes:

I’m making slow progress on these, since it’s been a bit too warm to knit wool except early in the mornings. I like knitting both at once, and as you see, I’ve pinned them together. This helps most in the early stages of setting the pattern; now I suppose I could separate them again.

Blanket update: 25% complete!

This project has been slow going, mostly because I am weaving in the ends as I go. Each square produces a minimum of  10 ends (more if I have to switch skeins mid-stripe), meaning that if I waited until the end to weave them in, I would have 480 to do at once! Much better for my sanity to do them as I go, but it does prolong the process.

Now that I have a few more squares to play with, I’ve been toying with different configurations. I can see three obvious possibilities:

Arrangement #1: On Point

Pros: I like how the squares look like flowers opening up; I wouldn’t have to knit as many squares (!!)

Cons: I would have to knit some sort of setting triangles before I could add a border.

Arrangement #2: Plain and Simple

Pros: Very easy to seam and border.

Cons: I’m not sure I like the look; it’s sort of dull.

Arrangement #3: Window Boxes (or, The Original Plan)

Pros: I love the look; this way really plays up the tonal variations and looks much more dimensional.

Cons: I don’t have enough of the lighter blue color to make a border, so I’d have to either buy more or use another color (which I don’t think would look as good).

Readers, if you’re out there, let me know your opinion; what do you think I should do?

I’ll leave you with a gratuitous dog photo. He’s such a good model!